1.The access to Pleasuredome is allowed only to adult people (18 years of age or more), with a previous reservation. 2.Pleasuredome Club reserves the right to select its customers. The code for entering this private club is sustained by a correspondent clothing and an accurate hygine. 3.In this club is interdicted any verbal or physical agression. 4.Inside the club is interdicted any photo taking and movie making. 5.The quality as a member of Pleasuredome Club is obtained only after the owners of the club agrees. Until that moment the customers are only aspirant members. 6.Choosing swingers partners inside the club is made under your own responsability, and the word NO must be respected absolutely, without insisting. Also there is no kind of obligation between the customers, one to another. Everything is possible, nothing is compulsory 7.The owners of Pleasuredome club will not make compromises for any customer of the club. 8.Protect the anonimaty of other swingers by abstaining from telling names with no authority. 9.Once one rule or more is breached, then it will be applied measures undertaken by the owners, which lead to exclusion from Pleasuredome Club.
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