Between the years 1940-1950, restricted communities of American soldiers, organized private meetings where they practiced the so-called wife-swapping, where the decision to choose the swing partner belonged to the man. In that period the bisexuality was almost a taboo subject. As the time went by, women understood that they had equal rights with men and so it had begun another type of swing, the one that we know today and more exactly the one in which everyone have equal rights and the decision appertains in equal measure to both partners.

Swinging has probably gone on since the dawn of time. In reality, swinging dates back at least as far as the days of early Rome and the well-known Roman orgies. In the narration made by Xenophon, it is told that the Babylon was conquered during a night festivity, in which, as it was accustomed, all the Babylonian people drunk, ate and hold all kind of orgies. Caesar, known under the name of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, the son to Marcus Annius Verus and Domitia Lucilla, was one of the great partiers of Rome, being the organizer of the Roman Orgies. In Dacia are no obvious references to orgies from that period, but it is well-known the deed of Deceneus who revalorised the gothic and Dacians spirituality, stepping apart the gothic or Dionysian Cult associated with the grapevine culture and the Dacians orgies. Along the years the swinging was associated with welfare. In the end of the parties kept in the nobility courts, from the medieval period, constantly the parties continued in bedrooms, where the hosts retired with their guests. King Louis IV is one of the most well-known leaders of France, but only a few know that he was also a real swinger. Such as his grandfather, Henri IV of France, King Louis IV had a big sexual appetite and he enjoyed the favours of his many mistresses, having many bastards. Constantly, Louis IV spent the night together with his wife, Maria Theresa of Spain, together with other three mistresses.
Sexual Freedom League appeared in 1960, in Berkeley-California, in the ultraliberal San Francisco Bay Area, followed by tens of such groups alongside The United States of America. The 70 belonged to United Kingdom, where many small-bourgeois communities from the big cities hided this secret. The swinging clubs made their appearance through private parties. The first clubs appeared in California, Chicago and New York. Already in 1972 were over 18 swinging clubs in South California. Today in all civilized countries from Europe exists at least one swinging club in each big city. So also our city, Arad, is having one.
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